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Good morning pets and pervs!!

Can you freaking believe May is half over already? I sure as heck can't! It's flying by at break neck speed but not to worry; This update is to inform you of all of the cool things I've been up to so far.

Recently I colluded with Dick Dangle, doesn't that name sound familiar? Hmmmm, where have you heard that before? If you subscribed or have him on your podcast rotation, the mystery is solved!

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Dangle back in December at the DC Exxxotica event and pal around with him and even got to do a short interview dubbed "The Gauntlet", you can peep that HERE. A little while later we did a full interview to let the listeners know a bit more about me and my work which you can listen to HERE and now, I've been graciously allowed to return as a co-host! The first episode, entitled "Get in there and clean it up" is ready for you to feast your ears upon HERE.

And if you have any curiosity at all why I'm holding a coffee pot and roll of toilet paper... Well, you're just going to have to tune and connect the dots! LOL I had a really great time chatting about the mysteries of this world and really hope that Dick will let me back on the show. If YOU want me back on the show, have any questions that need answering or any hilarious articles you want us to cover, write in to dick@danglinafterdark.com.

I've also been a pretty busy lady too, I've got all but ONE video scheduled for 2022 here on the site, making plans after my vacation in June to get up with David Andrews again, and possibly incorporating new models into the mix in the summer. Nothing but the scheduled videos is set in stone yet, so don't hold me to my word just yet! I've been filming a couple of customs a week as well, these have been bangers too! +25 minute videos and have been SO MUCH fun to act out. I'll be taking a break from custom videos June 1st-20th while I'm on vacation and give myself time to settle back in at home, but after that, it's game on for solo videos.

I will still be able to fulfill panty, pantyhose, and sock orders if they're placed! So keep that in mind, but the stock will limited as I can't take EVERYTHING with me on my ventures, LOL.

Anyway, thanks for reading on this beautiful Sunday morning and keep on pervin'!

Good morning pets and pervs and HAPPY MAY!

Apparently I overlooked the fact to announce and post about the podcast I did back in April! HOW THE HELL?! Ugh, anyway, if you check out: https://www.danglinafterdark.com/madalynn-raye-episode-370/.

And what else is going on?! Been working super hard with scheduling video updates here, on Clips4Sale and ManyVids. Editing all the videos from Rachel Adams and David Andrews are complete and scheduled! I'm trying to plan another round with David so if you have any custom ideas, please send them to me via email so I can put them in a folder and once I've accumulated and once I get enough requests, I can set a date with David, email y'all and confirm the scripts, and then collect the funds and secure your spot on the shoot day(s).

I'm losing my train of thought here and have to get ready for lunch; OH! I should have some shoot items for sale soon in the store with videos+pictures, a couple of pairs of shoes, headharness ballgag, and debating on selling my ol' dusty hitachi vibrator that had served me well the last 9 years but is running out of steam. So be on the look out for those goodies sometime next week! Behave yourselves and talk soon!

How in the heck has a month gone by and I haven't updated y'all on the haps over here?! Shame on me! Well, to be fair, life has been the pinnacle of chaotic since right before Christmas. Was in close contact with some Covid people but managed to escape unscathed/uninfected. Absolutely mind blowing to be honest.
I was having major bouts of orthostatic hypotension, which is where when you move or get up and your bloodpressure just bottoms out which can create nausea, dizziness, limb weakness and best of all fainting! (I say that with sarcasm).

So, I had a few doctors appointments, cardiologist visits and because there's nothing new wrong, that can be easily identified, I've been recommended to take it easy and to up the amount of salt, and electrolytes in my diet, along with wearing compression socks... and taking it easy... I know I said that already but that's the absolute hardest part.

Instead of being able to film and be an overly animated actress, I've taken the last few weeks to remaster some old content and beef up the website for all of you members and video on demand lovers. I hope you've been enjoying the wide variety of content and that you're eagerly anticipating what new videos will be dropping in the future!

I would've added some pictures to this post, but I've barely taken any in the last 7 weeks. Custom videos are on hold till I can get my health in order to not accidentally fall over my light stands or get dizzy from crouching to standing after pressing the record button on the camera. However, if anyone is interested in audio files, those can be whipped up with ease. Turn over would be about 7-10 days given my current workload, but hey, it's better than nothing, right?!

Anywho, I hope you all had a very happy holiday season and continue to do well through 2022. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me here or email me at MadalynnRaye@gmail.com. Stay well, pets and pervs!!!

WOW. WOW. WOW! This past weekend was so much fun!
For those that may have missed the memo, I was able to head to DC and got to the FIRST (and hopefully not last) EXXXOTI CA Expo.

It was an excellent change of pace, I met some really awesome people; Even though I stayed pretty central to the YNOT booth and didn’t wander around much, I’m still very happy with the results of my networking.

I learned a lot about myself and where my mental health stands over those short days. One of those things is I’m far to used to being a shut in. I was having big time nerves and anxiety once I stepped foot into the crowds. Not necessarily due to increased Covid chances, but because of the isolation the last almost 2 years has brought. My last “big trip” was a vacation RIGHT before everything shut down in March of 2020. I guess with all of the shutting down, a wee bit of agoraphobia had (has) set in? I didn’t have any full blown “oh shit!” moments, thankfully, but after a day and a half of socializing, Saturday night I had to go back to my room and just lay on the floor and clear my head. Got dinner delivered (Pho and mango sticky rice!) which helped soothe me and get me into a Grade A Food Coma.

But I want to make mention of all of the fabulous people I met and got to share space with. First off, Jay from YNOT who was kind enough to extend an invite my way and put this event on my radar. Despite a misunderstanding on WHICH Exxxotica location I was going to be at (totally my fault for reading his messages at 4:30am and being half awake) it all worked out and we got to share lunch together and talk about a bevvy of fascinating topics. Also, THEE Dick Dangle joined us! The three of us combined? Freaking trouble and hilarity. The next day I also had the privilege of doing a short interview with Dick, and once that goes live I'll be sure to post it here and on the tweeter.

Also lets not forget the beautiful models that I got to meet! Pictured from Left to Right are Sierra Slayter, Cherri Love, Misty Love, Riley Daniels, Jay YNOT, Vecca Salt, yours truly and the other half of YNOT, Connor! Not pictured but also at the booth was Edyn Blair, Norah Nova and Aria Haze!

It was a good change of pace, meeting different industry creators and who knows, maybe I'll be able to work with some of them next year!

I hope y'all are ready for the holidays, because they are QUICKLY approaching. Got any New Year goals? I've got a few but I have to keep them a secret for now! ;-)

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