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Good morning pets and pervs!!

Can you freaking believe May is half over already? I sure as heck can't! It's flying by at break neck speed but not to worry; This update is to inform you of all of the cool things I've been up to so far.

Recently I colluded with Dick Dangle, doesn't that name sound familiar? Hmmmm, where have you heard that before? If you subscribed or have him on your podcast rotation, the mystery is solved!

I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Dangle back in December at the DC Exxxotica event and pal around with him and even got to do a short interview dubbed "The Gauntlet", you can peep that HERE. A little while later we did a full interview to let the listeners know a bit more about me and my work which you can listen to HERE and now, I've been graciously allowed to return as a co-host! The first episode, entitled "Get in there and clean it up" is ready for you to feast your ears upon HERE.

And if you have any curiosity at all why I'm holding a coffee pot and roll of toilet paper... Well, you're just going to have to tune and connect the dots! LOL I had a really great time chatting about the mysteries of this world and really hope that Dick will let me back on the show. If YOU want me back on the show, have any questions that need answering or any hilarious articles you want us to cover, write in to dick@danglinafterdark.com.

I've also been a pretty busy lady too, I've got all but ONE video scheduled for 2022 here on the site, making plans after my vacation in June to get up with David Andrews again, and possibly incorporating new models into the mix in the summer. Nothing but the scheduled videos is set in stone yet, so don't hold me to my word just yet! I've been filming a couple of customs a week as well, these have been bangers too! +25 minute videos and have been SO MUCH fun to act out. I'll be taking a break from custom videos June 1st-20th while I'm on vacation and give myself time to settle back in at home, but after that, it's game on for solo videos.

I will still be able to fulfill panty, pantyhose, and sock orders if they're placed! So keep that in mind, but the stock will limited as I can't take EVERYTHING with me on my ventures, LOL.

Anyway, thanks for reading on this beautiful Sunday morning and keep on pervin'!

As the holidays sneak up on us and the end of the year approaches I can't help but to think how damn lucky I've been!

First off, I just want to say thank you for supporting me and my little craft over here. Never in a million years did I think 19 year old bondage Maddy would turn into Miss Madalynn. Without your continued support I wouldn't be creating this specialized content, let alone letting my pets and pervs know that it's A.O.K to love what you love!!!

Feet, nylons, just hearing my voice in a low tone, extreme humiliation and degradation, bondage! It all came to be because of your brilliant, creative mind and I am so thrilled to continue this endeavor into next year. I did the math earlier today and I've logged over 2,000 minutes in front of the camera on CUSTOMS ALONE. That doesn't include the dozens of clips that I created off the top of my head either. It's been nuts but I can't wait to share all of these clips with y'all!

I'm also planning on featuring nylon wearing content creators on here, probably on a once a month basis? They will vary in appearance, genders, skin color and sexuality. I realize most of you are here for ME; A thin, white, long haired cis-woman who appears to be hetero so I will have to politely reinforce that if you see something you do not like? Move along. I will not tolerate rude comments made on this platform at any of them; Keep it to yourself. I will be featuring people that I have admired whether it be their style or their hustle in the sex work industry. That's the goal of the posts are to bring awareness of how awesome and diverse the community is!
If you haven't checked your messages on here yet, or have opted out/ignored them, I have an update on my end of the year work schedule: I'm taking the following dates off:
December 21st-26th
December 31st-January 13th
I can fit 2-4 solo videos in between the 27th-30th of December, but then I won't be back in front of the camera till January 13th. Have to start preparing for tax stuff at the beginning of the year; Send snacks, love and good thoughts, LOLOL

I was really hoping to hit 100 custom video requests this year, but you know what? I'm teetering on 80 (76 to be exact) and GOOD LORD; Talk about shooting for the stars.
Also! if you've been intimidated or on the fence about anything to do with this site, please message me and I'll help you out with it! I've recently run into a few errors I created, so I'm getting really good at trouble shooting LOL! And if you ever need help/customer go down to bottom of the webpage to the "FAQ" and at the very bottom of the page is the "General Questions and Help; How do I contact customer service?" and you can email them to open a ticket of your own.
Anywho, that's all of the sage advice and updates I have for now. I'm actually going to get ready soon and go see "Dune" this afternoon... First movie I'll have been to since 2018? Lets hope it's not too crowded and I can actually enjoy the film!

See ya!

What a WILD and Whacky week it was last week and even this one?! I can't even believe how BUSY I've been with prepping for my contractor to come out tomorrow to put some crown molding up in my bedroom and anchor 2 slabs of wood to the ceiling so I can hang some of my plants!
I, like many people during the pandemic, got turned onto houseplants and have been SO happy with these beautiful green babies. If you ever want to make me smile, CashApp $MadalynnRaye some plant allowance! LOLOL

Besides plants, and home planning I've also been busting my buns on custom videos and sock/pantyhose orders! Y'all are keeping me incredibly busy and I appreciate ALL the patience you give me as I chisel through all of these orders.

Once clip, pictured here is of me catching my perverted co-worker sneaking into my office after hours and I catch him and encourage him to jerk off to my pantyhose and well worn high heels! It was such a hot clip and I LOVED wearing those shiny grafito super lucido CdR nylons. Some of my FAVORITES to wear!
Another clip I got to do was an executrix clip; I always love these devious POV videos! They're so much fun and the creativity is endless.

I'd also like to encourage you, that if there is a clip you enjoy watching? Please give it a thumbs up as you're passing through the videos page! That'd mean the world to me so that more users that are just browsing, may feel a bit more encouraged to join or check the video out. Also, I love reading your comments on the videos as well!

I've also began utilizing the pay to view option on here. So if you see those messages and aren't interested in extras no one else will get to see and will probably be deleted in 6-8 months, please ignore the content. But I do send them out as a mass message and have decided to probably make most of them no-reply so I don't have 3 email threads from the same users and clogging up the inbox. I'll also be doing a mix of fetish and bondage, but will make sure they are specifically labeled so's not to have you purchase anything that's not up your alley. (No tricks here, just treats!)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you for reading and I am off to bed!

Good evening, all!

This month has been SO SO busy; And it's not even over yet. I've been slowly chipping away at customs, getting updates for the site situated... Accidentally deleted part of the site last Saturday night (Whoooopsies!), but thankfully the team here had it back up and running after only a few minutes. I'm not the best with technology, but damnit I'm tryin'!!
I hope you've been enjoying all of the updates and rumor has it on the street that soon there will be a feed style addition to the site, similar to another popular fanclub site, so I can share a bit more with ya'll! I'm not positive when that roll out is going to be, but hold tight! Everything on my side has been going very well, though.
I undertook a home project and repainted my bedroom, moved some of my outdoor plants inside, had a very worrisome vet appointment with my newest boy that yielded a future surgery cost at HALF the price I thought it was going to be.
Right now I am also trying to sort my 200+ pairs of nylons into seamless, sheer to waist, control top, and stockings. I have two 12x12 storage totes crammed and then a 10x14" tub stuffed with the ones that are still in their packages. So if anyone wants to buy some nylons for the holiday season, NOW is a really great time to do so!

ALSO! I wanted to announce that I am running a discount code for 25 new members to use for 25% off your first month, when you rebill! I never run sales, so this is a pretty awesome opportunity to scoop up a membership if you've been thinking about it; Use this link: 25% OFF First month sub w/ rebill

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