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Good morning pets and pervs and HAPPY MAY!

Apparently I overlooked the fact to announce and post about the podcast I did back in April! HOW THE HELL?! Ugh, anyway, if you check out: https://www.danglinafterdark.com/madalynn-raye-episode-370/.

And what else is going on?! Been working super hard with scheduling video updates here, on Clips4Sale and ManyVids. Editing all the videos from Rachel Adams and David Andrews are complete and scheduled! I'm trying to plan another round with David so if you have any custom ideas, please send them to me via email so I can put them in a folder and once I've accumulated and once I get enough requests, I can set a date with David, email y'all and confirm the scripts, and then collect the funds and secure your spot on the shoot day(s).

I'm losing my train of thought here and have to get ready for lunch; OH! I should have some shoot items for sale soon in the store with videos+pictures, a couple of pairs of shoes, headharness ballgag, and debating on selling my ol' dusty hitachi vibrator that had served me well the last 9 years but is running out of steam. So be on the look out for those goodies sometime next week! Behave yourselves and talk soon!

WOW. WOW. WOW! This past weekend was so much fun!
For those that may have missed the memo, I was able to head to DC and got to the FIRST (and hopefully not last) EXXXOTI CA Expo.

It was an excellent change of pace, I met some really awesome people; Even though I stayed pretty central to the YNOT booth and didn’t wander around much, I’m still very happy with the results of my networking.

I learned a lot about myself and where my mental health stands over those short days. One of those things is I’m far to used to being a shut in. I was having big time nerves and anxiety once I stepped foot into the crowds. Not necessarily due to increased Covid chances, but because of the isolation the last almost 2 years has brought. My last “big trip” was a vacation RIGHT before everything shut down in March of 2020. I guess with all of the shutting down, a wee bit of agoraphobia had (has) set in? I didn’t have any full blown “oh shit!” moments, thankfully, but after a day and a half of socializing, Saturday night I had to go back to my room and just lay on the floor and clear my head. Got dinner delivered (Pho and mango sticky rice!) which helped soothe me and get me into a Grade A Food Coma.

But I want to make mention of all of the fabulous people I met and got to share space with. First off, Jay from YNOT who was kind enough to extend an invite my way and put this event on my radar. Despite a misunderstanding on WHICH Exxxotica location I was going to be at (totally my fault for reading his messages at 4:30am and being half awake) it all worked out and we got to share lunch together and talk about a bevvy of fascinating topics. Also, THEE Dick Dangle joined us! The three of us combined? Freaking trouble and hilarity. The next day I also had the privilege of doing a short interview with Dick, and once that goes live I'll be sure to post it here and on the tweeter.

Also lets not forget the beautiful models that I got to meet! Pictured from Left to Right are Sierra Slayter, Cherri Love, Misty Love, Riley Daniels, Jay YNOT, Vecca Salt, yours truly and the other half of YNOT, Connor! Not pictured but also at the booth was Edyn Blair, Norah Nova and Aria Haze!

It was a good change of pace, meeting different industry creators and who knows, maybe I'll be able to work with some of them next year!

I hope y'all are ready for the holidays, because they are QUICKLY approaching. Got any New Year goals? I've got a few but I have to keep them a secret for now! ;-)

What a WILD and Whacky week it was last week and even this one?! I can't even believe how BUSY I've been with prepping for my contractor to come out tomorrow to put some crown molding up in my bedroom and anchor 2 slabs of wood to the ceiling so I can hang some of my plants!
I, like many people during the pandemic, got turned onto houseplants and have been SO happy with these beautiful green babies. If you ever want to make me smile, CashApp $MadalynnRaye some plant allowance! LOLOL

Besides plants, and home planning I've also been busting my buns on custom videos and sock/pantyhose orders! Y'all are keeping me incredibly busy and I appreciate ALL the patience you give me as I chisel through all of these orders.

Once clip, pictured here is of me catching my perverted co-worker sneaking into my office after hours and I catch him and encourage him to jerk off to my pantyhose and well worn high heels! It was such a hot clip and I LOVED wearing those shiny grafito super lucido CdR nylons. Some of my FAVORITES to wear!
Another clip I got to do was an executrix clip; I always love these devious POV videos! They're so much fun and the creativity is endless.

I'd also like to encourage you, that if there is a clip you enjoy watching? Please give it a thumbs up as you're passing through the videos page! That'd mean the world to me so that more users that are just browsing, may feel a bit more encouraged to join or check the video out. Also, I love reading your comments on the videos as well!

I've also began utilizing the pay to view option on here. So if you see those messages and aren't interested in extras no one else will get to see and will probably be deleted in 6-8 months, please ignore the content. But I do send them out as a mass message and have decided to probably make most of them no-reply so I don't have 3 email threads from the same users and clogging up the inbox. I'll also be doing a mix of fetish and bondage, but will make sure they are specifically labeled so's not to have you purchase anything that's not up your alley. (No tricks here, just treats!)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful evening, thank you for reading and I am off to bed!

Happy weekend, y'all!

To close out this fun-filled week, I actually got to do a couple photoshoots! It's not often that I get commissioned for photos, let alone have 2 at the same time. So it was a nice change of pace to be able to shoot outdoors vs in my studio. The first one was a little out of my norm as well; I was in a bikini in the woods! Channeling my inner Amazon Princess I was to portray a fierce yet feminine character that eventually gets stuck in some sort of mud/pit. We improvised and used a moss patch and I think the finished set will actually be believable and portray the damsel in distress mood. But I couldn't just leave it to to the couple of pictures to recreate, my photographer and I went above and beyond and took a bunch of other photos for promotional work. Like this one here! What do you think? Do I pull off the sexy feral woman in woods well?? Usually I am fully clothed for my shoots and rarely do I get to show off some skin but I am in LOVE with this picture, and quite a few other ones in the set. It'll take a while to get them all situated, but overall- SUPER happy and I hope the commissioner is as well!

The next photoset was in the infamous Ultra Girl costume! However, we hit a few snags as I had forgotten the black high heels that went with the outfit and the sun was getting a bit too high and sort of hot spotted my face so I think we may have to mulligan the shoot. But that's not all bad news, it could also afford me some time to shoot video in the costume as well. How do you like the Ultra Girl costume? I've played as Ultra Girl a couple of times now, once as a DID and the other as a FemDom.
Have you seen either video? If not, should I load them up to the members side ASAP? Which role would you prefer seeing? DID or Dominant Ultra Girl?

I hope you enjoy the updates and I'm slowly getting back up to speed on things today. I was supposed to bouldering this morning but I was up at 4am with a headache and nausea that lasted until about 1pm. Upside, I've seemed to have rebounded so now I can plug away a little bit at these photos and maybe later tonight I can get the outfit on of my newest character, "Becky Carter", that I've been commissioned to bring to life. A few months ago I was contacted by a deviant art artist who had this character Becky, they wanted to see in action, and amazingly, Becky and I share a lot of the same features so it was a no brainer that I would be a shoe in for the part. I was able to film the bondage part yesterday as well, but I need to film the first half where I'm in the waiting room and decide to snoop around only to eventually get groggy and tied up by my arch nemesis, Marta (not pictured on screen).

I love how y'all trust me to bring these visions to life and it is SO much fun!

Anywho, I gotta wrap this up and figure out what I'm gonna have for dinner tonight.


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