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Happy weekend, y'all!

To close out this fun-filled week, I actually got to do a couple photoshoots! It's not often that I get commissioned for photos, let alone have 2 at the same time. So it was a nice change of pace to be able to shoot outdoors vs in my studio. The first one was a little out of my norm as well; I was in a bikini in the woods! Channeling my inner Amazon Princess I was to portray a fierce yet feminine character that eventually gets stuck in some sort of mud/pit. We improvised and used a moss patch and I think the finished set will actually be believable and portray the damsel in distress mood. But I couldn't just leave it to to the couple of pictures to recreate, my photographer and I went above and beyond and took a bunch of other photos for promotional work. Like this one here! What do you think? Do I pull off the sexy feral woman in woods well?? Usually I am fully clothed for my shoots and rarely do I get to show off some skin but I am in LOVE with this picture, and quite a few other ones in the set. It'll take a while to get them all situated, but overall- SUPER happy and I hope the commissioner is as well!

The next photoset was in the infamous Ultra Girl costume! However, we hit a few snags as I had forgotten the black high heels that went with the outfit and the sun was getting a bit too high and sort of hot spotted my face so I think we may have to mulligan the shoot. But that's not all bad news, it could also afford me some time to shoot video in the costume as well. How do you like the Ultra Girl costume? I've played as Ultra Girl a couple of times now, once as a DID and the other as a FemDom.
Have you seen either video? If not, should I load them up to the members side ASAP? Which role would you prefer seeing? DID or Dominant Ultra Girl?

I hope you enjoy the updates and I'm slowly getting back up to speed on things today. I was supposed to bouldering this morning but I was up at 4am with a headache and nausea that lasted until about 1pm. Upside, I've seemed to have rebounded so now I can plug away a little bit at these photos and maybe later tonight I can get the outfit on of my newest character, "Becky Carter", that I've been commissioned to bring to life. A few months ago I was contacted by a deviant art artist who had this character Becky, they wanted to see in action, and amazingly, Becky and I share a lot of the same features so it was a no brainer that I would be a shoe in for the part. I was able to film the bondage part yesterday as well, but I need to film the first half where I'm in the waiting room and decide to snoop around only to eventually get groggy and tied up by my arch nemesis, Marta (not pictured on screen).

I love how y'all trust me to bring these visions to life and it is SO much fun!

Anywho, I gotta wrap this up and figure out what I'm gonna have for dinner tonight.


Good evening, pets and pervs!

Today marks the FIRST day that my brand new membership site is up and running; There are still a few learning curves I'm over coming but I'm sure I'll be a pro in no time at all with practice. I've been working really hard with the ELX team to bring it all together in a perfect little bundle for everyone to enjoy. I'm so happy to finally not have to rely strictly on a clip or fan club site and I can have everything RIGHT HERE! Anyway, enough about business.
This week I finally got a few customs knocked off my shoot schedule that were from JULY. But I am absolutely elated that the commissioners were still eager to move forward with the projects even after all of this time.
What did I film you may ask? Well, let me tell you!
I filmed a pantyhose/femdom/financial domination clip for a very loyal pet of mine. I told the viewer EXACTLY what I expect out of them, to better my life and how I love emasculating them so simply as I removed my office clothes, dangled my black high heels off my pantyhose foot and sat on my bed in just a lace bodysuit and nylons. Mmmmmm!
Then there was a mean girl cheerleader bubblegum snapping and cracking custom. Where I put the viewer under my spell and humiliate them in front of the class by cracking my gum as loud as possible. One more FemDom POV where I scrunch my leather ballet slippers and talk on the phone about how I ruined my boyfriends orgasm and sent him packing! LOL! And last but not least, a little bondage number where I present as a DID, that's dressed up like a slut and handcuffs herself. Eventually I self hogcuff myself and have a ring gag in and roll around a bit.
I managed to shoot a couple other original clips as well, so that content will be added after I get the customs edited and delivered.

Very, very busy week for me and next week shall be equally as adventurous!

As always, feel free to stay in touch here and please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything.

💋 -Maddy

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