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How in the heck has a month gone by and I haven't updated y'all on the haps over here?! Shame on me! Well, to be fair, life has been the pinnacle of chaotic since right before Christmas. Was in close contact with some Covid people but managed to escape unscathed/uninfected. Absolutely mind blowing to be honest.
I was having major bouts of orthostatic hypotension, which is where when you move or get up and your bloodpressure just bottoms out which can create nausea, dizziness, limb weakness and best of all fainting! (I say that with sarcasm).

So, I had a few doctors appointments, cardiologist visits and because there's nothing new wrong, that can be easily identified, I've been recommended to take it easy and to up the amount of salt, and electrolytes in my diet, along with wearing compression socks... and taking it easy... I know I said that already but that's the absolute hardest part.

Instead of being able to film and be an overly animated actress, I've taken the last few weeks to remaster some old content and beef up the website for all of you members and video on demand lovers. I hope you've been enjoying the wide variety of content and that you're eagerly anticipating what new videos will be dropping in the future!

I would've added some pictures to this post, but I've barely taken any in the last 7 weeks. Custom videos are on hold till I can get my health in order to not accidentally fall over my light stands or get dizzy from crouching to standing after pressing the record button on the camera. However, if anyone is interested in audio files, those can be whipped up with ease. Turn over would be about 7-10 days given my current workload, but hey, it's better than nothing, right?!

Anywho, I hope you all had a very happy holiday season and continue to do well through 2022. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me here or email me at MadalynnRaye@gmail.com. Stay well, pets and pervs!!!


Thanks for the update and best wishes on your health! I usually can't wait until the custom schedule resumes, but in truth, I CAN wait. Your health can't.
Glad You escaped the covid stuff! Do take it easy and know that we'll be here whenever You are ready. I hope You get over the hypotension. Stay well, Ma'am!
Take it easy and it's great you are putting your health first. I'm loving the site by the way. I love seeing my previous customs in the catalogue, it's nice to think others get to enjoy my fantasies too. It would be good to discuss another plus a refresher when you are feeling better. Get well soon
I'm glad you're here! And once I get back into ship-shape we can totally hatch another plan of pantyhose foot seduction!!! ;-)

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