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Sunday May 1
Monday May 2
Pantyhose Foot Flex Ignore II

Relaxing in bed with her Kindle, Madalynn is hanging out and leisurely wiggling her pantyhose feet. Stretching and flexing them gently. Mesmerizing you ever so easily.
Pantyhose Foot Flex Ignore II

Tuesday May 3
Wednesday May 4
Thursday May 5
Friday May 6
Youd Do It

Worship these long, long legs that you're addicted to. I'm here to exploit you, and your craving to worship every inch of my Goddess body. You can't escape from me... I've got you right where I want you. My perfection rules your world. Watch and listen as I guide you through this experience.
Youd Do It

Saturday May 7
Tape Bound And Panty Gagged

Bra and black pantyhose, let me unwind this silver tape across my legs, ankles, feet, securing a length over my breasts making them really POP... Cherry on top is the large pair of cranberry colored panties I shove into my mouth and seal in tightly with a thick strip of microfoam tape. You like this don't you? You promised you'd let me out after I secure the bandana over my nose... You promised you'd let me out after I clicked the cuffs shut, threw you the key and played damsel for a little bit... YOU PROMISED!
Tape Bound And Panty Gagged

Sunday May 8
Every Inch

Showing off my back seam hose with a little wiggle, shake and hiking up of my skirt... I want you to enjoy every inch of me, that I'm about to show you. Are you ready? Melt into my words, hang on to them as I slowly strip out of my jacket, and stand showing you how the leotard and skirt hug EVERY inch of my tall body. This is the tease you've been waiting for. Ass and legs, painting a fantasy image of what fun we could have... Admire me; Let me make your cock throb. You need me. You need my direction. You need my pantyhose and you need to cum for me.
Every Inch

Hose Cage Plug

Put on a pair of pantyhose you don't mind ripping open, grab your chastity cage and your butt plug! I'm going to guide you through this little task. Follow the rules and please Me entirely.
Hose Cage Plug

Monday May 9
Bikini Belly Bulge

I cannot BELIEVE I scored a whole rack of ribs AND a 2 liter of soda from the pool party! I am so excited to smash this food and just be my carnal self.  Just me, the meat and the soda. Ripping, tearing and chewing, chugging and burping! It's going down! 
Bikini Belly Bulge

Tuesday May 10
Wednesday May 11
Thursday May 12
Friday May 13
Locked And Reduced

Come to Me, darling. Come to Me so I can clamp those nipples of yours, tease you with My big soft tits, reduce your throbbing erection and lock it up nice and tight. There's a reason they call it Locktober, and I'm going to deny you your carnal pleasures of masturbation. Leave you locked and reduced.
Locked And Reduced

Saturday May 14
Bound And Tape Gagged In Leather And Satin

I come into the room, waiting for my boyfriend to arrive but there's already someone there! I throw my gloved hands in the air and beg for mercy and to be let go, but that's not in the cards. Next thing you know, I'm bound in my boots, disco jeans, satin blouse and gloves! Ropes all up my legs and handcuffs secure my hands behind my back with a thick tape gag sealing my lips shut! I wiggle and writhe on the couch and then make my way to the floor where I'm beginning to feel helpless that I'll never be found or that maybe the bad got my boyfriend too!
Bound And Tape Gagged In Leather And Satin

Sunday May 15
More Than Roommates

Well, well, well! What in the hell have I stumbled upon? Has someone tied you up? NO!? You did this yourself? Hmmmm, this gives Me and idea! I leave the room and come back with a handful of fun stuff. Tape, more rope, and a chastity device. I crawl up on the bed and nestle between your legs. First, the tape over that mouth of yours. Then, I lock you up nice and tight in that cage. But, I think I need to blindfold you so I can prepare for the next part of this game. I come from behind and cover your eyes with one of your shirts and I know you're sweating in anticipation as I climb back on the bed and back between your legs. When I remove the eye cover, UH-OH! My leggings are gone and it's just the most painful sight of Me in pantyhose and a thong. I turn around and rub My ass on your cage and laugh at your struggle. I know this is what you've been aching for! And now, you have the perfect opportunity to be dominated by someone so close, we could be a little more than roommates.
More Than Roommates

Monday May 16
Bye-Bye Hair!

It was time, time to shave off all of that armpit hair I grew out!  Say Bye!
Bye-Bye Hair!

Tuesday May 17
Wednesday May 18
Thursday May 19
Friday May 20
Ill Show You Whats In The Bag

Coming 05/20/2022

The alternative version of "You finally made me cum!" https://madalynnraye.com/access/scenes/You-Finally-Made-Me-Cum_vids.html?buy=1
Ill Show You Whats In The Bag

Saturday May 21
Attitude Adjustment

Coming 05/21/2022

Madalynn is dragged to a chair by a hardman; He's been ordered to keep the young party girl quiet and maintained. Madalynn is bored and sasses the guy, getting out of her chair taunting him. He grabs at her but she smacks his hands away and tries to run for the door. He subdues her and zipties her to the pole nearby. The caught damsel is very irritated that her new jeans are getting dirt on them and tries to weasel out of the ziptie. When the man comes back he begins to tie her ankles, Madalynn continues heckling him and slips the ziptie and tries for the door again but she is grabbed and brought to the ground; Her wrists roped, then her knees. He comes back with a surprise: A big black pair of satin underwear that he balls up and shoves into her big mouth! He then wraps a black cloth around her head, sealing the panties in place. He walks away leaving her to struggle a bit, her thong showing as she twists and moves. When he returns he binds her elbows & and places rope above and below her breasts. The man rolls her onto her side to show her how vulnerable she really is and then comes back to hogtie her. After being hogtied he removes her high heels and starts to tie her big toes together and cinches them off to her elbows. As she rolls over he unbuttons her pants before he leaves her again. When he comes back he has pantyhose and he puts the hose over her head and winds duct tape around her head, covering her mouth and then again over her eyes.
Attitude Adjustment

Sunday May 22
Foot Fun With The Farm Hand

Coming 05/22/2022

I lead you into the barn with my hands over your eyes, you open them looking up at me... I inform you of the initiation process, circle around the chair and rip my shirt off threatening to tell my Pops, your boss, that you pulled me into the barn if you get up. I need you to get to work though, servicing my feet! I pull my shoes off and wiggle my cute little piggies in your face. But we won't finish here, oh no, I'll need you to get up and go into the stall. I'll meet you there in a minute to talk you through it. I encourage you to join Me in the barn stall to finish what we've started. Stroke for Me, cowboy! I'll continue the foot show and tease the hell out of you as you cum closer and closer to busting.
Foot Fun With The Farm Hand

Monday May 23
Thats Gonna Leave A Mark

Coming 05/23/2022

I spied your 20lbs weights next to the couch, what? you didn't think I could lift them? Psshh, how insulting!  I crank out a few reps and flex a little bit. And because I know you've got a thing for feet, yeah, I caught you staring when we were at dinner, I decide to give you a reason to take me out a second time! Watch as I flex, wiggle my toes and give you directions... I'm going to blow your mind without even touching you! 
Thats Gonna Leave A Mark

Tuesday May 24
Wednesday May 25
Thursday May 26
Friday May 27
You're Cucked

Coming 05/27/2022

It's not very often that you get the details... But tonight you get to pay for my pleasure, an extravagant date. That I'll be sitting there enjoying myself; Wearing the pantyhose that you bought, the heels that you bought, the dress that you bought and will never watch fall to the floor. The life of a cuck. And remember, you need me far more than I need you... You send again, while he's whispering in my ear. Because you need to know that I'm thinking of you. The night progresses, and you can feel the energy I'm releasing. So you send again. And I know it's starting to hurt you. So I excuse myself, and head to the ladies room. And to humor your attempts at grabbing my attention I snap a quick picture and send it. That crumb of attention is exactly what you needed, to reinforce that someone special is thinking of you. And you send, again. Because you are devoted and hopeless addicted to my perfection.
You're Cucked

Saturday May 28
Puppet Master Plays With Madalynn

Coming 05/28/2022

I snoop in with my cuffs ready to steal the plans and arrest the "Puppet Master"! The most illusive criminal I've had to face. As I'm about to open a filing cabinet at his secret lair I turn to find him... Once I threaten him with the handcuffs though my body goes all noodly! I can't control my limbs and right then and there I understand why this devil is called The PuppetMaster! My limbs dance and soon my mouth is sealed shut with a wave of his hand. All I can do is mutter and mumble, directed to the floor I remove my high heels and am made to flex and stretch my sweet soles for the puppet masters amusement. Feet flexed back, pointed forward, repeat! He has TOTAL control of my poor body! After he's had his fun with me like this, I'm then made to make out with him! EW! I can't do anything about it though and my lips pucker, my tongue slides into his mouth and all I can do is verbally protest as his magic is too damn strong to resist. My hands are brought up and slapped onto my chest and fingers unbutton each of my blouse buttons, jerkily and with haste. Not done with me yet, the skirt is removed too and I'm pushed to the floor by his magic. He allows me to speak again, but clasps my hands behind my head and pulls out his throbbing cock and I am made to give him a footjob! After that his magic pushes me face down on the ground and I so desperately try to fight this but I'm stuck and made into a VERY uncomfortable bondage position. Legs spread wide, ankles tied to the couch with my ass in the air and elbows on the ground. I have a ridiculous gag on now too! How will I ever get out of this?! Or will I forever be the Puppet Master's favorite puppet??
Puppet Master Plays With Madalynn

Sunday May 29
Stroke It Fast For My Atsugi Pantyhose

Coming 05/29/2022

Black pantyhose, tight bodysuit, and knee high leather boots, it's what dreams are made of right? I'm wearing Atsugi brand pantyhose, gussetless. I know this bad bitch looks has got you crazy. Do you want to stroke it for my boots? Hose? Well pull out that little prick, spit on your hand and stroke it fast for me. I'm going to wiggle my ass in your face while you stroke. Now, I want you to stroke to my pantyhose toes. I'll slowly pull my knee high boots off and wiggle my black pantyhose toes in your face waiting for you to cover them!
Stroke It Fast For My Atsugi Pantyhose

Monday May 30
Can't Stop This Feeling

Coming 05/30/2022

I love the pattern on this pair of underwear but I think they’re just a bit uncomfortable! I wanted to look cute for this date tonight but hmmm, I just don’t know. Look at how high they can go! They practically look like a thong now, peeping out from the waist of my jeans. OMG! They’re SO stretchy! And… it kind of feels good. I’ve got time, maybe I’ll play around with and wedgie myself a good deal. It does feel REALLY good! I can pull them so deep; Let me just pull my pants down a  little and maybe pick this wedgie and pull it tight again. Grabbing the panties from both sides and slowly pull them tight up my ass crack till they’re GONE! MMmmmmm! Now let’s get these jeans totally off and really have some fun! Pulling from the front. Pulling on them from behind. Laying down to pull them! I’m just having SO much fun with my pulling on my panties and giving myself the hottest wedgies EVER before my date. And who knows, if things don’t go my way I can always come back and pick up where I left off; As long as I have a stretchy pair of panties I’ll never be left unsatisfied!
Can't Stop This Feeling

Tuesday May 31
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